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The Evidence that Rutland is not Real

The Background

Rutland is allegedly a county in the West Midlands of England, that was allegedly created in 1159. Its County town is supposedly Oakham, and the county has a made up population of 39,697. The County was Temporarily abolished under the Local Government Act 1972, and made into part of leicestershire, however it was reestablished in 1997. It has been a unitary authority since.

The Proof

There is much evidence that Rutland is not a real place, at least not in the form the government wants you to believe it is. In reality it is a lake, that is kept away from the public.

When it comes to parliamentary representation, in the house of commons, Rutland does not have its own constituency. The official reason for that is that rutland has too small of a population to warrent its own seat in the House of Commons, However, the actual reason is that it would unfairly skew election results towards one party, as they would have to fake an entire election. Instead, they take the vote from the leicestershire part of the county, and increase it so it is in the same ratio, but with the inclusion of the population of Rutland. This makes both parties happy and so allows the secret to remain.

Another Piece of Evidence that Rutland isn't real is that it was supposedly recorded as an exclave in the 1066 doomsday book. It didnt gain independance until 1159. Seems like a handy excuse for it not existing beforehand. Exclaves have existed before in county boundries, Cromartyshire in scotland ceirtnaly knows, but an exclave as large as Rutland? Whats next? Lancashire owning a bit of cumbria? give me a break.
As of Today (14 March 2020), Rutland is one of four counties (The others being Northumberland, Bedfordshire and Norfolk), to not be infected with Covid-19. These counties have the excuse of nobody giving a shit about them, but with rutland the motive is far more sinister. To give rutland cases would be to artificially inflate the number of infected people. This would increase worry, and so wont be done. Rutland will probably be the last county to be "infected". Unless big county sees this, incase they may infect it earlier in order to throw shade on the movement.