Notice: Yw Belcymu Annasciri

My section of the Rezelna group worldbuilding project

Map of the Rhwddyraith Speaking World

List of Countries


Y Rheihwyt Rhwddyr - The Republic of Rhwddyr

Rhwddyr is a Liberal Democracy, and the largest Rhwddyraith speaking nation.


Y Rheihwyt Prescariyr - The Republic of Prescariyr

Prescariyr is a Millitary Dicatorship under the rule of the FCP (National Front of Prescariyr)


Y Rheihwyt Fysdica Llychwyr - The Worker's Republic of Llychwyr

Llychwyr is a Marxist-Leninist one party state under the rule of the FDL (Communist Party of Llychwyr)


Y Rheihwyt Dwllar Nwsut - The City Republic of Nwsut

Llychwyr is a City State that runs under a system of Direct-Democracy, with frequent referenda and public consultation